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Talking Product Design, Miguel Lobato

Tell us a little about yourself?

Hi, my name is Miguel Lobato, a Mexican Product designer based in Berlin. I’m a big fan of storytelling, comedy and visual arts.

What were you most excited about joining Klar?

As a Mexican living in Germany I was super excited to develop a product for the people in my home country. Especially in a company delivering disruptive alternatives in the Mexican market.

Tell us a bit more about the life at Klar, what is so unique about it?

People are simply very friendly. I like that it doesn't matter how old or new you are in the company, you always find a welcoming spirit from each person. I like the yes attitude that my peers have toward challenges, it makes it a very joyful work environment.

What do you like about living in Berlin?

I love the amount of cultural attractions that Berlin has to offer. There’s always something happening in this city, Art exhibitions, live performances, and of course the multiple options for great food.

How do you build relationships with your colleagues?

The best way to connect with my peers is while collaborating in a project. I like when we come together and workshop ways to solve problems. I feel I bond with my teammates when we are together in the struggle to figure things out. The best moment, of course, is having a drink afterwards to celebrate the efforts.

What does the Product team has to offer in terms of career growth?

The fast pace we go from cero to shipping to the market is a unique learning experience.

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