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Talking Engineering with our Director of Product Delivery, Suresh Gupta

Tell us a little about yourself?

Hi, I am Suresh Gupta working as the Director of product delivery. I lead multiple engineering teams to build scalable and efficient services to provide credit products to our customers.  Our offerings includes; instant credit, providing full control over credit card or personal loans without any hidden fees, repayments via easy EMI’s, and many more.

What were you most excited about joining Klar?

As an engineer, I always wanted to work with an initial stage startup which has potential to disrupt an industry and affect millions of lives in a positive way. I was very impressed with the team and always believed in the idea. Coming from a big company like Amazon, I was super excited about the possibility of owning and launching many new products working from scratch.

Can you tell us more about your career journey at Klar?

I was the first member of my team and started coding on the first credit product with the CTO. We set the foundation for scaling users, products, and the team. We have launched multiple credit products in the last 2 years from short & long term instalment loans, advance salary possibilities, to a full fledged credit card. We are now a 20+ team split into multiple focused teams. 

What is the most rewarding part of working as a Tech Lead at Klar? 

I love that I get to innovate, challenge the status quo, work on mission critical initiatives to positively impact business deliverables and customer experience. There is never a boring day at Klar.

What does engineering team has to offer in terms of professional development? 

We offer a fast growth environment with a high ownership culture. Engineers are encouraged to take ownership and challenge the status quo. Being in a small setup, there are always growth opportunities and we provide regular feedback to help each individual grow. 

How do you build relationships with your colleagues?

We believe in transparency, ownership and not being a jerk. Being a startup, we work very closely within the org and try to be efficient and give our 110%.

We do promote a very diverse environment, while toxic behavior is not tolerated at Klar. 

What do you like about living in Berlin? 

Berlin is a city where anything is possible, from historical landmarks, arts enthusiasts to IT hubs. It has something for everyone with its vibrant culture. For me, the most fascinating part is the diversity and inclusion offered in Berlin. 

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