Life at Klar

Talking Tech with our Web Tech Lead, Brenda Jimenez,

Tell us a little about yourself?

Helping others creating and coding products, Stoic, Minimalistic, love all the bits and bytes of software development.

What were you most excited about joining Klar and now that you are seeing the company grow?

Klar got my attention because it is a startup where you get ownership of key pieces of tech and I am excited about seeing the company growing because I also believe in democratizing the finance system in Mexico, so seeing that happening is rewarding. 

What is the most rewarding part of working as a Tech Lead at Klar? 

Help other team members grow their professional skills and at the same time learning from them and complementing each other.

And what’s been the best part of working from Klar’s Mexico office?

Interacting with smart people from other areas and chatting with them in the kitchen about their deliverables and sometimes even the same business challenges from different perspectives.

How do you build relationships with your colleagues?

I like attending the social events of the company to meet new people or people from different areas. I also like being part of more general slack channels.

Can you share us your insights about being female in tech? 

Having a bigger representation of women in the tech industry could improve performance, design balanced products, open the conversation from different perspectives and start preparing new role models for future generations where they do not see a misrepresentation but rather a gender balance industry. 

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